Elena Borisenko

Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board, Gazprombank JSC

Born on 21 April 1978 in Leningrad, Elena Borisenko graduated from St. Petersburg State University, majoring in jurisprudence. She is a Full State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation, 2nd class.

For about 8 years, Elena Borisenko was engaged in private legal practice in St. Petersburg.

In 2008 – 2009, she served as the Advisor to the Head of the Federal Service for State Registration.

September 2009 through February 2010, she was the advisor to the Minister of Justice. 

Starting February 2010 and through to March 2011 - Director of Department for Legal Assistance and Interaction with the Judiciary System of the RF Ministry of Justice.

March 2011 through June 2012 - Advisor to the RF Minister of Justice and Authorized Representative of the Ministry of Justice of Russia in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

From June 2012 until July 2012 Elena Borisenko held the position of the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation. During her work in the Ministry of Justice of Russia, she was in charge of legal profession development, pro bono legal assistance, practice of law, notaryship, forensic analysis, as well as legislation improvement in the field of arbitrazh.

Being the Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board, Elena Borisenko supervises the issues of legal risks management for Gazprombank and Gazprombank Group of Companies.

On 7 September 2020 by the Resolution of the Association of Russian Lawyers the Sustainable Development Committee (ESG) was established, where Elena Borisenko is the Chairwoman of the Association of Russian Lawyers’ Committee for Sustainable Development (ESG) and Member of the Panel of the Russian Lawyers Association.

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