Education, Skills and Learning

September 29, FRI  /  10:45 - 12:00

Ongoing global geopolitical and economic transformations present new challenges to nations around the world. Their broad scope and correlation, long-term commitments and benefits at both local / regional and federal levels require special attention to the expansion of government competencies and capabilities and the level of private sector understanding. There is a need to facilitate a shift from segmentary policy development to a more integrated approach that will define an ideal benchmark for assessing both individual and organizational capabilities needed to successfully implement the long-term goals and objectives of the State.

It becomes important to obtain and share up-to-date information on landmark trends in the country and abroad, it is necessary to pay special attention to the key role played in this agenda by science and education – the most important sources of information and knowledge.

Science and education connect and unite society, generations, and countries, promote communication between people and create a space for building an unprecedented, constructive, systemic dialog.

Special attention should be paid to the development of human resources. It is critical that young specialists not only know their main professional specialty, but also understand the world of figures, finance, and ecology.

In this regard, it is necessary to focus even today on internationalization of education system and training of highly professional and motivated managers for public authorities and business structures, possessing the necessary system knowledge, competencies, and skills for active participation in solving political, social, and economic problems facing the Russian state in the next 25 years.



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