Alexander Shestakov

Former Director of Science, Society and Sustainable Futures Division, UNCBD


  • 1988 - MS in Geography, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • 1993-PhD in Geography, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • 1995 – Majored in Law & qualified as Lawyer, Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • 1997-International Program 'Leaders in Environment and Development'.

Professional experience:

  • 1991-1999-Expert, Environmental Consultancy Service (international consultancy companies - Dames & Moore, ERM, Arthur DeLittle, DHV, Haskoning, ICF/EKO, Branan);
  • 1994-2010-Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • 1995-2006-Expert at Supreme Council for Environment, Committee on Ecology and Environment Protection, State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • 1994-2001-Junior Research Fellow / Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow / Post-doctoral Student at Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • 1999-2006-Head of the Environmental Law Program / Director of Environmental Programs, WWF Russia;
  • 1999-2018 - Expert on Biodiversity, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation;
  • 2000-2006-National Representative, TRAFFIC Europe-Russia;
  • 2006-2010-Head of the Health, Industrial and Environmental Safety Service, BP of Russia;
  • 2010-2018-Director, WWF Global Arctic Program;
  • 2018-2021-Director of the Department of Science, Society and Sustainable Future, Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biodiversity.

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