Michael Jantzi

Chief Executive Officer, Sustainalytics

Michael Jantzi founded Jantzi Research and has been active in the responsible investment field since 1990. Michael is a thought leader on sustainability investment and corporate social responsibility issues and regularly appears in the global media. He is the co-author of The 50 Best Ethical Stocks for Canadians: High Value Investing, published by MacMillan Canada.

Over the years Michael and his team have been recognized for their research excellence and for being champions of sustainable and responsible investment globally. Michael was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Social Investment Organization (now the Responsible Investment Association). He was named one of Canada’s ‘Clean50’ leaders in 2012 and again in 2020, and he was also awarded the prestigious Canada Clean16 award in the Finance and Services category for his significant contributions to the causes of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

For more than a decade, Michael has served as a member of the Finance and Investment Committee of the MakeWay Foundation, where he is also a Board Director. Michael serves on the Board of Directors for the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and the Value Reporting Foundation (formerly SASB Foundation), and was appointed to the Independent Review Committee on Standard Setting in Canada. Michael holds degrees from the University of Western Ontario and Dalhousie University. 

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