Cybersecurity and FinTech

September 28, THU  /  14:15 - 15:30

The digital landscape is constantly changing under new emerging potential threats. A risk mitigation strategy in information security sphere defines an organization's overall approach to business, operational, reputational, legal and compliance risks. It allows the organization to prioritize its risks so that it can rationally and systematically allocate its resources to address major information security threats.

There is almost no doubt that any information system can be hacked and it's only a matter of time before it happens as well as how good the organization can be prepared for it.

The structure and content of each organization's risk management strategy will vary depending on its size, budget and type of activity.

The volume of the Russian cybersecurity market will grow by an average of 24% in the next few years and will amount to 559 billion rubles by 2027.

Information security management has become an integral part of organizations' long-term business strategy, a personal responsibility of key operations managers, executives and board members responsible for a successful, sustainable business future.

Information security has a key impact on an organization's ability to remain resilient in a dynamic, constantly evolving and changing digital space.



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